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Structuration of the Psyche
Developmental psychology discovered that the psyche develops through a structuration process, as discussed in chapter 12, where we saw that the sense of being an individual with identity and character is a developmental achievement. Furthermore, repression is the function of some of the structures built in early childhood; this is an important element of the connection between structure and psychodynamics. Structural issues appear in two types. The first is the kind of issue familiar in psychological and psychotherapeutic work. These are the conflicts and inadequacies reflecting difficulties in the development of ego structures. They include difficulties of identity, ego boundaries, ego weakness, superego malformations, issues regarding relating and merging, isolation, and so on. Psychologists call these structural difficulties, which can be so severe as to manifest in psychoses of various kinds. In fact, every ego has some malformation or inadequacy of structure, since no one is blessed with perfect parents or a completely untroubled developmental history. The second type of structural issue that appears in the process of realization and essential development includes issues not normally seen as problematic by psychologists. These issues center around the fixation on structure itself, concern with the presence of and the need for such ego structures. Such structures, even the deepest and most primitive universal structures, as we saw in chapters 13 and 14, are inherently limiting to the soul's potential and liberation.

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