Excerpt About Psyche

The Contentment of Completeness

In the usual state of the psyche, some agitation or movement or excitement makes our energy go forward, away from a state of being completely settled. But completeness means that all of our outward movement has been stilled because there is contentment, for nothing is missing. If you are really the Brilliancy presence, you don’t even need to know that you are Brilliancy; you don’t need to know you are there; you don’t need to know anything—in fact, you don’t need anything. If you are really the Brilliancy, you are in some sense not even the body; so there is no movement based on the usual instinctual promptings. Usually you want this or you want that, you like this or you like that, but all of that is a movement outside you. That is the psyche and the body doing their thing. As the completeness, you are totally contented, unmoving. The contentment of completeness has a blissful quality that feels like a deliciousness. The deliciousness is so complete, the delicate kind of pleasure is so contented, that the mind doesn’t even think about whether it is contented or not. The mind—the psyche—even forgets the memory of discontentment.

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