Excerpt About Presence

Effect of Experiencing Presence

Any experience of presence can change your perspective and your view of reality. For example, when you are pervaded with compassion and look at reality from its perspective, you notice that it affects not only your experience of yourself, but also your perception of everything else. Your attitude, what you think is important in life, and what you think is significant about reality all change. You feel kindness in how you relate to your own experience and also increased sensitivity to the difficulties that others are dealing with in their lives. If then you experience clarity and you are feeling clarity and you are being clarity, that transparency and luminosity will shift your perspective. You will begin to see through your familiar prejudices and assumptions and recognize a more objective, less self-centered experience of reality. You realize that without clarity, you are lost. It doesn’t matter how much compassion you have; if you are not clear about things, you won’t see what reality is, you won’t see what the truth is. So each experience of true nature widens and deepens your view of what you are and what reality is.

Discuss Presence

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