Excerpt About Possessions

Being Truly Poor
If you give up that longing for the good object then you are truly poor. If you are truly poor then you live in sacredness. If you are truly poor you won’t feel it is not worth it or it is worth it. None of that exists. You don’t give up out of hopelessness. You give up because you know that is the way. No one can do it any other way. It's the objective truth, and you see it. Along the way you fight, you get mad, you disbelieve your teachers, you misinterpret the teachings, and so on. At this juncture of the inner journey many people begin to doubt the teacher and teachings; in reality, they simply don't want to let go. So they may think that when it comes to this point the teacher is possibly not right. That is one of the last doubts. In reality, unconsciously we are asserting: “I prefer mommy over God.” We pretend that we want God, but what we really want is mommy.

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