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There is No Inherent Conflict Between Loving Truth and Loving Other Things

Most spiritual literature takes the position that there is a conflict between loving the truth and loving the world in the form of possessions, pleasure, comfort, fame, and so on. This is an important truth, but in fact, there is no inherent conflict between loving truth and loving other things. The literature refers to the fact that most spiritual aspirants experience a big struggle when they recognize that not only do they live in the world and interact with the various things within it, but they also love all these things of the world. At some point, that love of worldly things can become a barrier to loving the truth. This happens when you want to preserve your possession of or connection to the things of the world at the expense of recognizing the truth. That’s when you experience the truth and the objects of the world as competing for your love. You don’t have to go very far to see this conflict. When you’re a parent, for example, it is very difficult to see the truth about your relationship with your children because you are afraid the truth is going to disrupt that relationship. You’re afraid of losing what you have. So to love truth requires that you recognize that truth is your primary love

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