Excerpt About Point Diamond

The Wisdom of the Point Diamond Vehicle

A particular diamond vehicle appears and functions as a steppingstone toward the journey of descent. We refer to this diamond vehicle as the point diamond, which is basically the appearance of presence in the form of a faceted diamond, except that its center is occupied by the point of essence, the essential identity. The faceted diamond can assume any of the qualities or colors of the essential aspects, but with the point of light and presence always at its center. The point diamond vehicle continues the process of self-realization of essential presence, which is begun by the integration of the essential identity of essence. The integration of essential identity gives the soul the capacity for the experience of self-realization, the ability to be and recognize herself as the presence of true nature itself. The point diamond is the clear and precise recognition and understanding of oneself as the essential presence. It is conscious and discriminated self-realization, being essential presence inseparable from knowing it as one’s nature. The wisdom of this diamond vehicle is the recognition and appreciation of one’s uniqueness, and unique realization. But this manifests specifically as the recognition and appreciation of where one is. In other words, to authentically be oneself is to abide in what the logos’s dynamism of Being happens to be manifesting as one’s identity at the moment.

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