Excerpt About Point Diamond

The Barrier of Comparative Judgement

Comparative judgment is a big barrier. It is a very powerful barrier even though it is very subtle. But subtle doesn’t mean unimportant. This barrier affects your state, your experience, and even your perception. It pushes you this way and that way. It is a big veil over your perception that makes it impossible for you to realize where you are. So if we understand and embrace the attitude of open and open-ended inquiry, and if we integrate this dimension we’re discussing, the dimension of the Point Diamond, we are not concerned whether where we are is better or worse than where someone else is. Someone else’s experience can actually become a source of learning rather than generating comparative judgment and rejection of oneself or the other. When someone expresses something that you don’t know, that can help you be open to other possibilities. In fact, when you’re curious about what you are hearing and learning, the communication will influence you, and your state will shift one way or another as you consider both that influence and your own experience.

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