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The Work on the Lifeline

We can call this segment of work by different names, each of which gives us an initial impression of what the Point Diamond teaching is about. We can call it the work on the lifeline. The term “lifeline” originated as part of Einstein’s relativity theory; it refers to an event curve in Minkowski space. Minkowski space, named after the Russian mathematician, is the four-dimensional time-space continuum in which our life happens, in the sense that at any moment, you find yourself at a certain location in space and time. In other words, you are always physically locatable in Minkowski space. So your life is physically composed of a series of these locator points in space-time. When you connect the points, you get a line called your lifeline. Every physical object has its lifeline. The teaching we are discussing concerns more than your physical body, so it is related to a different kind of Minkowski space—a spiritual or inner Minkowski space. Thus, the lifeline we are exploring is not only your location in time and space, but your location in terms of where you are in your experience; it is the lifeline of your soul’s unfoldment. You can always find yourself in a certain state, or experiential configuration, at any point of your unfoldment. Your soul’s phenomenological configuration in any moment corresponds to the location in the space dimension of Minkowski space, and the point where you are in your unfoldment corresponds to the location in the time dimension. Understanding the significance of these correspondences becomes the teaching of the personal lifeline.

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