Excerpt About Pleasure

The Exquisiteness of Contact, of Intimacy

Life first begins to reveal its mystery in primitive, biological ways, then advances to the level of the emotions, and ultimately appears in mystical union itself, consciously. This unity is more than the joining of bodies; the physical unity of intercourse is merely an approximation of something far more intimate. That is why the unity we are talking about requires so much maturity. It requires much development, much refinement, for human beings to appreciate that the erotic encounter is not just for pleasure, not just to have orgasm, but to experience the exquisiteness of contact, of intimacy, to experience the bliss of coming to know the mystery together. By coming together, we are able to know the unity of reality. When divine eros consummates, we are helping each other to know this deepest of all mysteries. But the intimacy of union does not have to be sexual, because the unity is beyond the physical, beyond time and space.

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