Excerpt About Platonic Form

The Direct Experience of the Quality of Life

Under normal circumstances it is difficult to experience life directly, because we are always experiencing it in association with the body, inseparable from the biological functioning of the physical organism. We might come close to the experience of this Platonic form when we are feeling especially alive, vigorous, robust, and dynamic. This can happen during intense exercise, sexual orgasm, or when we are confronted with a life-threatening situation or graced with wonderful news or a great occasion. We then can experience ourselves as more alive, excited about life, full of passion and vigor, strong and ready to take on the world. However, these experiences pale when contrasted with the direct and full experience of the soul in her property of life. In the direct experience of the quality of life, the aliveness and vigor are pure, distilled, and complete, without being related to a particular situation or even to the body. Life feels like the dynamism of animals, just as growth feels like the dynamism of plants.......But the sense of aliveness feels much bigger than the body, not defined by it, and more fundamental than the physical mode of existence. Directly in touch with our aliveness, we feel like a river of life, a dynamic and pulsing consciousness. We experience ourselves as a fountain bubbling with aliveness, energy, fullness, excitation, passion, vigor. We sense ourselves as the presence of life, as life, as life outside of time. Our soul is life eternal, not in the sense of everlasting linear time, but outside of time, prior to time, independent of time.

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