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Personalization of the Supreme Aspect of Pure Being

An interesting question arises at this point: In the process of personalization of the supreme aspect of Pure Being, is it that when the personality is completely devoid of defense one realizes it is nothing but the Personal Essence with the Pure Being quality, or that the personality becomes
integrated into Being resulting in the emergence of the Personal Essence in the new quality of Pure Being beyond differentiation? It is possible to see that both perspectives are accurate; in other words, there are experiences to substantiate both. There are experiences and perceptions where one realizes as the last primitive defenses dissolve that the supreme Personal Essence is nothing but the completely purified and clarified personality. One learns that the sense of separateness is completely due to the presence of subtle defenses. On the other hand, there are definite experiences where one actually feels oneself, as the personality, being absorbed into Being. As the last primitive and subtle defenses dissolve, due to objective understanding of vulnerability, one feels oneself being steadily absorbed or reabsorbed. One feels taken in, eaten, swallowed, completely integrated. There is no fear and no resistance. The deepest fear of the ego is now actualized; there is a loss of one’s individuality, of one’s separate identity. But it is experienced as a matter of fact perception, without reaction of any sort, and without a sense of loss. At some point one perceives—usually suddenly—that one is the formless oneness of Being. The supreme, pure aspect of Being is now experienced in its aloneness, without the presence of ego structures and identifications. For this reason, the issue of aloneness sometimes resurfaces just before this experience of pure oneness.

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