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Neglect of the Personal Element

When we speak of the personal element, we do not mean only the knowledge that one is a person interacting with another person; we are referring to the actual state and feeling of being personal in an interaction. One can have object constancy, and know one is a person interacting with another person, but still interact impersonally. It is not only object relations theory that (with the slight exceptions described above) does not specifically study this personal element; we are not aware of any psychological school or scientific field that does so. It seems surprising that a phenomenon so central to human life psychologically and emotionally, and so prized by mature human beings, escapes psychological or even spiritual study and investigation. But again, this neglect becomes understandable when we realize that the personal element, the capacity to feel and be personal, is a characteristic of the Personal Essence, which is an aspect of Being. It cannot be truly understood, or even specifically conceptualized, until one experiences and understands the Personal Essence. In fact, to be personal is the unique quality of the Personal Essence, one that distinguishes it from other aspects of Essence and from the unqualified Essence, the impersonal aspect of Being.

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