Excerpt About Personal Essence

Understanding What Object Love is on the Essential Level

We can understand what object love is on the essential level when we remember that ego development is a prelude to the realization of the Personal Essence. So essential (real) object love can be realized when we understand the relation between the Personal Essence and this aspect of Love. What happens is that when the Personal Essence is present with the Love one feels not only Love, but personal Love. This is the real object love, except that with the Personal Essence this capacity is not restricted or conditioned by one’s particular ego structure. Since the Personal Essence is independent of past object relations, it actualizes the capacity for personal love that is free from the past. The person who has developed the Personal Essence experiences personal love not according to his experience of the past, but. according to the objective requirements of the particular situation. So he can experience it towards any living being, in any situation, if that is what is objectively needed. The state of Love, which was not personal in early childhood, now has the added dimension of the personal element. So it is certainly a development, a gain.

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