Excerpt About Perfections

Differentiation of the Implicit Perfections of True Nature

One significant insight we may have here is that pure being is the ground for all essential aspects, for all qualities of Being. The qualities are simply the differentiation of the implicit perfections of true nature into explicit qualities of presence. True nature prismatically differentiates its presence into these qualities. In other words, these aspects are true nature itself, but true nature that has manifested itself in an explicit perfection that it timelessly possesses in potential, implicitly. It is the pure presence of true nature, with an added quality, a color and flavor. The added quality, which has timelessly been implicitly present, pervades the transparent purity of Being. Through her opening up to the dimension of pure presence, the soul realizes the deeper ground of her essence, non-differentiated presence. By being undifferentiated it is not only simpler but more fundamental, more basic, forming the ground and background of all manifestation. It is the ground not only of essential qualities and forms, but of all forms, all manifest differentiation.

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