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The Logos Pattern is the Original Order of All Things

In experiencing the dimension of the logos we experience a boundless presence, transparent and full of being. We see all of manifestation, both physical and spiritual, as manifest within it, constituted by it. We see all of manifestation as the details and specifics of the logos. These details and specifics form a universal and infinite pattern. It is one pattern, interconnected and indivisible. Discerning this pattern we recognize the universe of experience in its totality, for all objects of the universe are sub-patterns within the overall pattern. At the same time, the pattern is in flow, in progress, its flow detailing the development and evolution of the universe. The flow is an unfolding of the presence that not only generates the forms of the world but their changes and movements. In other words, the pattern is dynamic and evolving. Putting it in the language of modern science, the pattern fills the four dimensions of space-time. More exactly, since there is no time in the usual sense here, the pattern is not only of the details defining the objects but also of the details determining their changes and movements. Furthermore, this pattern includes the invariant patterns that govern all natural and spiritual processes. For instance, it includes the pattern that objects fall toward the earth, detailing the laws of gravity. It also includes the pattern that when a person identifies with a particular self-concept, they become dissociated from the immediacy of their essential presence. To summarize, the logos is not only the dynamic force generating existence, but the pattern of this existence that reflects the pattern of this generation. The logos pattern, in other words, is the original order of all things.

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