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The Patterning of Our Worldview through the Veils of Past Experience

We humans tend to believe in miracles instead of seeing that what we call a miracle is actually a glimpse into what is real. We distance ourselves from the miraculous by remaining in our conventional sense of who we are. We continue to be defined by our past experiences, so that what our parents believed and taught us and what we have learned about this world and the universe dominate and limit our experiences. Our minds pattern our world and keep it tightly circumscribed, limited to the most physical, sensate experiences. Parents, other family members, and teachers are forever present in our minds and always will be, as long as we relate to the world as they taught us to. They are part of a larger worldview and live on within it as part of us, limiting our freedom and restricting our perceptions from expanding. Even after these people have died, we are in constant relationship to them in our minds; they are still there, patterning our experience of ourselves. Our images of them and our images of ourselves are mixed with feelings and sensations. This is all part of the patterned responses we come to know as relationship. Not only is our worldview patterned, our relationships are also patterned through the veils of past experiences and learning. We relate to others through this veil.

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