Excerpt About Passion

Passion is Love with Strength

All the aspects of love have some kind of sweetness with them. The sweetness of this love is exotic, like pomegranate, with a little bit of tartness to it. You feel strength and power. Passion is love with strength—strong sweetness, sweet strength. Your heart feels powerful, pulsing with life. There is a lust to this love, but not the lust of need. Rather, there is a lust and appreciation for life. You feel a complete involvement, complete participation in life, as if every atom is totally interested in participating, with nothing held back. Everything is delicious! You are eating up life, eating up yourself, eating up everybody. Everything is being consumed! You are lusty about life because life is so incredibly delicious and yummy. The personality, of course, has its opinions about these things. The issues that arise around this kind of love are connected to the oedipal situation, the very early feelings you had as a young child. These feelings have to do with someone very specific—if you’re a woman, you wanted your father, passionately; if you’re a man, you wanted your mother, passionately. You wanted them passionately, body and soul. Their body was the most voluptuous, delicious, the most beautiful, desirable, yummy body in the world. And you carry that feeling of that deliciousness in your unconscious and wait for the right body to appear before you can re-experience the depth of that passion.

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