Excerpt About Passion

Personal Passion in Inquiry

The Diamond Guidance guides the soul and its process of maturation and individuation. This process is the same as the movement toward the soul’s realization of the Personal Essence, and the Diamond Guidance will arise naturally to assist in this development. But if we don’t have an intimately and independently personal attitude about our experience, the Diamond Guidance will not descend into our inquiry to do its job. Only when that personal involvement and passion are present does the Diamond Guidance say, “Oh, there’s the call. Here I come. I’m happy to do my job.” Otherwise, it doesn’t matter what we feel, what we do, what we long for—the Diamond Guidance won’t hear it because it’s not its call; it’s a call for something else. So it’s okay to depend on teachers and their encouragement and inspiration, especially at the beginning and once in a while along the way, because we get discouraged and disheartened frequently on the journey. But little by little, we need to develop our own autonomy. The fire must eventually come from within us as a heartfelt passion to understand ourselves and to understand reality.

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