Excerpt About Passion

Passion for the Mystery Itself

One of the things we say when we are in the throes of passion—when we want our lover so much and feel such love for that person—is “Take me, take all of me—leave nothing behind! I want to give myself to you 100 percent!” There is a drive to give ourselves fully—no trying involved, just a natural giving. We want to take off that last cloak. We can feel this toward God, our Beloved: “I don’t want to feel separate from you anymore. I want you here. I want you here with me now. So come on! I want you, and I will give you everything.” We don’t even know exactly what that is. It is not an image in the mind. In fact, the more that the images of what we’ve been thinking we want fade away, the more we feel the wanting. The love and passion are for the mystery itself. The heart knows what it wants without the mind getting involved: “I don’t even know what you look like, and I’m willing to do anything. I’ve never met you completely, but I want you.” You want to be completely united, and that is why you say, “Take me.” You want to know what it’s like to have nothing come between you. You’ve taken off your clothes, you’ve become more transparent, but you want to go even further, to dissolve every last thing that remains that keeps you from being able to feel total union with the divine. You feel that you are in the realm of the gods. You are a god or a goddess expressing the universe, and you are in divine embrace.

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