Excerpt About Objective Understanding

The Objective Understanding of Aloneness

The objective understanding of aloneness includes the following points:
• I am the fullness of the Personal Essence. I am the person of Being. I am independent from time and space, but I am functional in timespace.
• My autonomy is the freedom from object relations. My beingness is completely independent from any object relations, past, present, or future. In fact, object relations are irrelevant to who I am; they do not define me. I can engage in them but they do not determine me.
• Aloneness is being me. Aloneness is freedom, which is who I am. I am pure presence, and spaciousness is my limit.
• Wanting anything from object relations is the expression of identifying with ego or the body. Aloneness is not only a matter of letting go of the mother’s image; for ultimately the whole world, for ego, is mother. I do not want anything from the world. I am in the world, for the world, but not of the world.
• Realization is a completely private affair. It happens in total aloneness, and it is not related to anybody else. It is a private affair between me and my origin, my nature.

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