Excerpt About Objective Understanding

How is it Possible to be a Person and Not Have Ego Boundaries?

Only the objective understanding of the Personal Essence can show how it is possible to be a person and not have ego boundaries. The continued presence of the Personal Essence, along with its further development, slowly shows that the sense of separateness belongs to ego and not to itself. The student becomes aware of certain tensions and constrictions, and by exploring them finally realizes that they are nothing but ego boundaries. He realizes that these boundaries have been almost impossible to perceive, because he has been so identified with separateness. He gradually learns that the boundaries are what give him the sense of separateness, the sense of being a separate individual. He then longs for their dissolution, but he is at the same time terrified of this possibility. This is a paradoxical situation, in which one wants to be free from separateness, but the one who wants that is the sense of separateness itself. The separate individuality wants to be free from the constricting boundaries, but this means it wants its own cessation. This produces extreme frustration, conflict and anxiety.

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