Excerpt About Objective Understanding

Permanent Attainment of the Capacity for Insight and Objective Understanding

We refer to this process as the personalization of Essence, because each essential aspect becomes personal as it is integrated and absorbed into the consciousness as a further development of the Personal Essence. Joy becomes a personal Joy, Peace becomes a personal Peace, Truth becomes a personal Truth, and so on. This can be seen in two ways. One way is that the personalization of an aspect indicates that it is a personal attainment and actualization of that part of one’s potential. It becomes recognized as an undifferentiable part of oneself, and not as a state that one experiences once in a while. For instance, the Diamond Consciousness is the capacity for objective understanding and direct insight. At the beginning one has insights once in a while, especially under certain conditions. After this aspect is personalized one permanently attains the capacity for insight and objective understanding. One now uses this capacity whenever it is needed, just as one can use one’s legs to walk whenever walking is needed. It is completely part of who one is. It is no longer a state, but an organ of one’s organism and consciousness. The second way we can see this process is from the perspective of the Personal Essence, as its process of development and maturation. In psychological terms, it can be seen as a change in character that coincides with maturation. The issues to be dealt with here are those of identity. The aspect is no longer felt as a state one can experience, but as part of the very substance and nature of who one is. So, because of ego identifications, the individual might find it difficult to tolerate his identity shifting and attaining new qualities.

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