Excerpt About Objective Reality

We Need the Knowledge of the Soul, of Essence and of Objective Reality to Learn How to be a Human Being

But if we want our experience to impact our life, it will have to become something more than a lollipop. Experience will have to be approached as nourishment that will lead to actual growth, actual development, actual evolution. What we need is an education about how to be a human being. We might not have any idea what it means to be a human being. Being human does not simply mean being human in isolation from Essence, in isolation from God or Truth. Being human also means knowing how we are related to other realms. So we need the knowledge of the soul, of Essence, and of objective reality to learn how to be a human being. But what is needed more than anything else is an education that will transform our approach to experience in general. Whether we’re experiencing other people, or daily life, whether we’re experiencing emotions, essential states, or realizations, we need to approach our experiences in a mature way. The experience will have to impact us in a certain situation, in a certain circumstance, in connection with other facts and elements for it to transform our consciousness into a consciousness that can relate to experience with more maturity. Otherwise, our experience is wasted. It’s a lollipop that tastes good or tastes terrible, and then we have to start all over again. We could learn to approach our experiences, whether negative or positive, whether profane or sublime, with balance, maturity, and sensitivity.

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