Excerpt About Objective Dimensions of Essence

Seven Objective Dimensions of Essence

There are at least seven objective dimensions of Essence, each of which brings about an added dimension to the experience and understanding of the aspects. The aspects are experienced in the seven dimensions, respectively, as or related to: 1. objective understanding; 2. Pleasure, or delight; 3. Conscience, related to action; 4. Knowledge, by identity; 5. Love; 6. Will, or support of Being; 7. Nothing, the level of understanding concepts. The realization within each dimension is like going through the whole process of essential realization all over again, but from a different and more profound level. Each brings new ego issues, or rather the same issues now understood in deeper and subtler ways. It would take us too far afield to discuss these dimensions of experience in any depth, so we only note here that the process of personalization of Essence involves the realization of these dimensions. Seeing that realization proceeds through each of these dimensions points to the magnitude of the task, but also to the magical richness of Essence.

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