Excerpt About Nondifferentiated Being

Everything is a Differentiation of the Nondifferentiated Sense of Being
Nondifferentiated Being is simply the nature of everything, including all aspects of Being, and all of physical existence. One realizes that everything, on any level of perception, is nothing but a differentiation of this nondifferentiated sense of Being. This is different from the Cosmic Consciousness, which is the soul of all existence. Pure Being is not only the soul and Essence of the universe, it is the universe itself, and beyond. So it is a deeper and much more basic reality. It is seen to be the nature of Cosmic Consciousness, its beingness, the beingness of all aspects of Essence, and the nature and the beingness of everything perceivable. It is difficult to conceptually see the difference between Pure Being and Cosmic Consciousness, but experientially the difference is significant and clear.

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