Excerpt About Noesis

Soul's Capacity to be Aware of Itself

Many meditative and spiritual traditions emphasize the movement from experience dominated by conditioned conceptual thought to experience characterized more by pure awareness or content-independent awareness. In this chapter we will discuss a form of knowing that characterizes all our experience all the time but is often not emphasized in the work of realization. We will discuss the mode of the soul’s experience called noesis. We discussed in Diamond Heart, Book 4, the notion of noetic forms, concepts appearing in awareness that are forms of the manifestation of Reality. Noesis, as we are using it here, is the soul’s capacity to be aware of itself not only as pure awareness, and not only as the content of experience, but to be aware directly of forms arising in the field of consciousness. This capacity for discriminating awareness that is not governed by the alienation of the subject-object view, and that does not separate discriminated content from the field of presence/consciousness in which it is arising, turns out to be a powerful tool for the soul’s realization of its own nature and the nature of Reality.

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