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The Midnight Sun of the Subtle Realms

I’m sure that many of us are already using one capacity or another, but you might not have conceived of it in this way. For example, you might have been observing and inquiring and suddenly felt that you were hot and red, without noticing that you were actually seeing the color red. Or you might say, “When I feel space arising, it is really clear and open.” What do you really mean by “clear and open”? Or you might tell someone, “The space goes on forever.” How do you know that? Perhaps you are seeing it. The perception could already be happening without your being aware of it. These perceptual capacities develop initially to discriminate our inner experience, but in time, as our soul opens up and reveals that the whole world is a manifestation of consciousness, the perception of the whole world appears in terms of the subtle capacities. The world begins to have colors, smells, and textures we didn’t see before. For instance, one day you might realize that you are seeing the night at noon; it is daytime, the sun is shining, but you can see the night behind everything. This is called the midnight sun of the subtle realms.

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