Excerpt About Narcissistic Transference

Overlap Between the Mirror and Idealizing Transferences

Generally the mirror transference arises as the idealizing transference is understood and its underlying structures—be they ego structures or the Diamond Will—are integrated. More specifically, with the fundamental narcissism of everyday life, and in particular with central narcissism, the
idealizing transference is generally established first, and only as its underlying structures are integrated does the mirror transference become established. There is, however, a great deal of overlap between the two kinds of narcissistic transferences. Frequently, the two kinds alternate, and may, in some cases, occur simultaneously. There is then an idealization of the teacher and a need for his or her mirroring. This is actually the case in almost all instances, but one of the two transferences is usually in the foreground. We also find that each individual develops a self-structure that depends on some form of narcissistic transference to shore up the sense of self; some individuals depend mostly on idealization and others mostly on mirroring, although both types are present.

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