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All Realizations are Way Stations

On this path, many of the realizations that we learn about seem similar to the realizations of other teachings. We might begin to compare: “This teaching is deeper; that teaching has a different understanding of this dimension; this teaching is a more complete expression of that state.” These
discriminations may be true and may contain useful knowledge but, at some point, we understand that it is not up to the individual to choose where to land or where to abide or what realization should manifest. Reality is bigger than the individual. Reality is an immensity, is a mystery, is a Living Beingness that is constantly manifesting and revealing its possibilities. This is why in the view of totality we see the different realizations as way stations. Saying that they are way stations is also not entirely accurate. It’s a useful formulation but, after a while, it is deceptive because it implies going toward a finite end. We might assume that the different realizations are stations on the way to some final destination. But the destination itself turns out to be a way station. All realizations are in fact way stations. This gives us a different view of why we work with aspects and dimensions as we do. We work with aspects and dimensions to learn that reality can manifest in those ways. We also work with them so that we realize them, so that we are capable of being that way, so that we are fully open to Being presenting itself in all these ways through us and as us. It is useful to teach the particular qualities of reality because they help us break out from our habitual ways of experiencing who and what we are. Realizing ourselves as various aspects and dimensions of reality is important for our freedom and for the harmony of our life

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