Excerpt About Motivation

Need for Soul Maturation

Many of us can’t simply make the jump from being disoriented and deluded to being completely realized. It won’t make much sense to us. So we go through these stages of development. The individual soul, in other words, needs to mature, needs to develop in order to be able to hold deeper realization. Experiencing selfless motivation is a necessary and valuable development of the human soul. And although selflessness is authentic as a motivation for that stage of development, looking at it from the perspective of realization, we see that it is still an approximation. When we understand motivation from the perspective of realization, it becomes much easier for practice to become continual practice. Practice is no longer dependent on our own personal position or attitude or interest. Seeing through our appropriation of the enlightenment drive liberates it to function fully as continual practice, a practice that both expresses realization and realizes further realization.

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