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Morphogenic Transformation of the Soul
The soul manifests her inner potential through a process of morphogenic transformation. She does not flow things out of herself into some kind of space outside. She does not dismember herself and then mold each part into some form. Experiences do not fall into her, do not enter her from somewhere else. The elements of her potential arise by her morphing her substance, the conscious presence, into these forms. Under normal circumstances we are not in touch with the soul herself, with the conscious field of presence; rather we are in touch with the various states and forms that manifest in the soul. When we recognize the soul herself we recognize that her very substance is changing from one thing to another, which then we see as the changes of forms. This perspective allows for our normal experience, of changes of inner states and events, but gives these changes a quite different interpretation. They are products of a more thorough transformation, a morphogenic transformation. Our normal experience is, thus, the perception of the finished products of our soul’s transubstantiation. The perspective that is made possible by putting our attention on the nature and substance of the soul itself allows us to perceive the actual process by which forms come into being. Lest we think morphogenic transformation is a process in time, we need to remember that it is actually a process of manifestation out of non-manifestation. We experience it as a transforming field, but the transformation is basically a continual appearing, a magical display of potential into actuality.

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