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Essential Presence Cannot be Captured in Any Kind of Memory
The representations which constitute the structure of the identity of the normal self are impressions integrated from the past, which by their very nature are unable to contain essential presence, and thus, alienate the self from its essential core. Essential presence cannot be captured in any kind of memory. Awareness of oneself as presence is the immediate experience of beingness, while retained impressions are many steps removed from this immediacy. Therefore, to recognize ourselves with and through this memory, or any impression from past experience, is bound to exclude essential presence from our sense of self. Hence the nature of essential presence and the epistemological stance involved in identification with psychic structures combine to make that developed self -- a psychic structure -- fundamentally narcissistic. This development creates epistemological barriers to self-realization by rendering the content of experience opaque: the self cannot see through or beyond its concepts of itself or the world.

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