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Diamond Meditation

Nondoing is the heart of inquiry, and inquiry is the revealing dynamism of realization whose essence is total stillness and nondoing. The razor’s edge is a moving point of various degrees of harmonization between these two perspectives: the individual consciousness that is interested, inquiring, and looking into experience; and the self-revealing reality, manifesting and transforming the experience, revealing insights and conditions of true nature. We continue to ride the razor’s edge until, at some point, our inquiring, our taking responsibility, and the self-revelation of Being become one thing. The inquiry moves to new ground. Prior to this, our inquiring and the self-revelation of Being might seem like two things, two forces interacting in a dialectic, interacting from varying degrees of proximity or distance until the interaction becomes so subtly and intimately connected that the inquiry is spontaneously happening as the dynamism of true nature revealing its possibilities. This is what I call “diamond meditation,” which means that we are being the true nature that inquires and reveals its truth. True nature inquires by being open and interested in its own revelation. Its inquiry is an invitation for it to reveal its mysteries. The inquiry and the revelation can become so connected that, at some point, they are one movement. Inquiry becomes a dynamic revelation, a nondoing with a dynamic engagement.

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