Excerpt About Meditation

The Brilliant Drink Meditation

So, we are going to do a meditation, what we call the brilliant drink meditation. The meditation will be a visualization with music. The visualization has to be what we call an embodied visualization, in the sense that as you visualize, in some sense, you create the presence. It is a creative visualization. You’re not just seeing a picture, you’re seeing an embodied picture. You’re experiencing, and you’re visualizing, a fountain on the top of the head that is brilliant white, so bright that it is difficult for you to look at. You see and experience it flowing down, down, and into the head. As it flows down, it comes down sparkly, like a crystalline kind of brilliant fluid or drink that’s so brilliant, white, and clear and bright. And as it flows into and through the head, your head wakes up and becomes bright. You experience yourself bright and brilliant, with the sense of intelligence, completeness, and preciousness. All with the clarity and precision of diamondness. You become a lighted bulb, but the bulb is lighted with some kind of unusual fuel—fuel that is much more powerful than nuclear energy. This power gives it clarity, awakeness, and brightness. But it is a fluid, a fluid that is filling up; and as it fills up, it goes into the heart. And as it goes into the heart, it becomes sweeter and more colorful—all kind of colors. As it permeates all of the body, it becomes a sense of rest, fullness, and contentment.

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