Excerpt About Mandala

Interactions Between the Center and the Field of the Mandala

Interactions are always happening between the center and the field of the mandala, for the quality of presence arising is responsive to and impacting what’s going on in the totality of the mandala. If, for instance, you are feeling powerless and helpless, the center of the mandala becomes the Black Essence (the quality of essential power) after a while because it is responsive to what’s happening in the mandala. The response is also related to the history of your mandala and its location in the universal mandala. In other words, your personal mandala, which is your experiential world—the totality of your consciousness with its essential presence—is the result of both your personal history and your interaction with the larger mandala of the whole world, within which it is situated. However, beginning in the second journey, your experience within the mandala is determined not only by these two factors, but also by Being’s optimizing dynamism arising through the center of your
mandala as essential presence.

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