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The Man of the World Experiences the Sense of Being a Person as a Sign of and Expression of His Humanity

One of the main reasons the life of the man of spirit does not attract the man of the world is that it appears to lack the personal element. The man of the world misunderstands and rejects the impersonality of the man of spirit. The man of the world values his personal characteristics, as they are expressed in living his life. He is not willing to sacrifice his sense of himself as a person, and does not understand why the man of spirit exhorts him to do so. He does not see what is objectionable about being personal and living a life dedicated to the pursuit of personal fulfillment and personal excellence. When the individuality of ego develops harmoniously and without much distortion, it has a personal sense to it. One is not only a self, but feels oneself as an individual, a person. The man of the world experiences this sense of being a person as a sign of and an expression of his humanity. So he quite naturally considers impersonality to be a nonhuman quality. He is not willing to give up personhood to embrace the universal impersonality of Being, because he believes this would involve losing his humanness. He is confounded when spiritual teachers and gurus speak of a supposedly desirable enlightened state as impersonal.

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