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Realms that are Unimaginable by the Man of the World

The realization of the Personal Essence, which involves the personalization of essential aspects and dimensions, leads to the complete development and objective understanding of the essential person, as we saw in the last chapter. This realization makes it possible, even easy, to move to the nonpersonal or formless realms. These realms have been called “nonpersonal,” “cosmic” or “boundless” and we will sometimes use these terms, but generally we use the term “formless dimensions,” for these reasons:
• In these realms there are no personal or individual boundaries, so there is no sense of entity or separate existence. This is why the dissolution of ego boundaries is the primary requirement for experiencing them.
• The experience is beyond the body, and hence the dichotomy of inside-outside is transcended, and there is freedom from the restriction of consciousness to a center in the body. Thus these dimensions are beyond form; it is the body image that gives us our personal form.
• The experience is also beyond the person, beyond personal life and transcending personal history.
The man of spirit is mostly concerned with these realms; they are the object of many religious and spiritual traditions. However, as we discussed in Chapter Two, these realms are unimaginable by the man of the world, and his impressions from the communications of those who do know them definitely do not necessarily make him want to know more. They are outside the confines of ego states, and are usually viewed by ego as threatening to its survival. Nevertheless, most traditions and teaching systems orient their methodology toward the attainment of these formless realms, which attainment is considered spiritual realization or liberation.

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