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The Ego Cannot Conceive of Experience that is not Related to a Separate Individuality

This perspective of the man of spirit, which contrasts ego with Being and sees the latter as fundamentally real and the former as illusory, is incomprehensible from the perspective of ego, which cannot conceive of experience that is not related to a separate individuality. For ego, each experience is personal, related to oneself. The man of the world will understandably ask: “How can there be experience if I am not there?” The fact is that the experience of impersonal universality, the boundless presence with no hint of personality, the unfathomable Void, are not the only ways to experience Being, our true essence and existence. Most teachers who have this perspective of absolute Being talk as if one can experience either the separate individuality of ego or the universal impersonality of the ultimate nonconceptual reality. But this view neglects the richness of the human essence and the ever-abundant realm of Being, and thus fails to communicate to the man of the world, who feels misunderstood and cannot see the truth or even relevance of the spiritual viewpoint. To make matters worse, the man of the world might then hear the man of spirit speak of the fact that from the perspective of unfathomable nonconceptual reality, there is no such thing as a person or personal life, and furthermore there is no such thing as a body, or humanity, or life, or a world, or anything like that. From the perspective of the ultimate reality there is only absolute oneness, not single, without any differentiation or discrimination. Every thing, all objects, all occurrences, are merely concepts, not truly existent. At this point the man of the world might well dismiss this view as utter nonsense.

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