Excerpt About Malleability

Soul Can be Shaped Into a Relatively Permanent Form
The property of malleability has a different significance than that of changeability. The soul cannot only change herself, she can be changed. She can be molded by her experiences, whether they have an external or internal origin. The forms she assumes are not always her choice; they can be imposed on her. At first, this may appear to be an innocent property, necessary for her in order to respond to situations and external stimuli. The forms she assumes are frequently dictated by external stimuli; her senses reflect the external environment by generating corresponding inner forms, and she also responds with corresponding inner feelings and thoughts to various environmental stimuli… the fact that the soul inhabits a world means that her inner forms are constantly shaped by external impacts. This shaping is necessary for learning and action. However, the soul’s malleability also allows the impact of the world to mold her more than is necessary for learning and action. By malleability we mean not only pliability; we also mean that she can be shaped into a relatively permanent form, fixed beyond her normal needs for perception, learning, and action.

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