Excerpt About Loving Light

The Need to Deal with Hatred

Another reason that the need for dealing with hatred naturally arises when working with the quality of Living Daylight (or Loving Light) is that you see so much frustration and suffering in others around you and do not usually perceive directly God’s love and mercy, which is supposed to be there. Especially if you live in a theistic tradition, you are told that God is merciful, God is good, God will help you. Yet, for most of your life, since you were a child, there was always pain and suffering. Where was God’s love? According to the perception of the child, you don’t see God interfering at all because, as a child, you think God is some kind of person who will help you. But you don’t see anyone like that showing up to take away the suffering. So you feel disappointed and hurt by God and then, of course, anger and enmity towards Him. That anger is directed toward the Loving Light because you’re disappointed in it. It didn’t help. You felt abandoned by God. The issues of negativity, reactivity, hatred, and particularly the devil-like structures we are discussing here, are often neglected in spiritual paths that involve an emphasis on love. Our experience in the Diamond Approach is that when these structures are not hidden or rejected, but are illuminated and understood, the actual truth of the loving nature of the universe becomes accessible and can be integrated into the ongoing experience of the soul.

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