Excerpt About Love (Magnetic)

Living the Truth of the Mystery

Understanding this magnetic force within us can help us clarify how to have a strong, powerful, deep motivation to continue to be real, to be as real as possible, to dedicate our time and life to experiencing, living, and expressing the truth, the truth of the mystery. Since this mystery is the truth of unity, its expression is love, generosity, and the experience of coming together in the most appreciative, sensitive way. Experienced from this perspective, the mystery itself, our true nature, is complete clarity, radiance, and brilliance. Also, this type of magnetism is pure luminosity. When we feel this luminosity in the heart, we feel it as the luminosity of magnetic love. It is beautiful, sublime. It feels so delicate, so fine, so refined, and so subtle, all at the same time; and although it is so subtle, its effect is of the most powerful, most passionate attraction. Again, this is paradoxical. It doesn’t make sense to the mind, because we think that something so subtle and so delicate should be fragile, not powerful. It is the subtlest kind of love, the barest kind of delicate, effervescent luminosity. But its impact is an amazing magnetic attraction that appears as a liking, as an enjoyment—as the enjoyment and the liking of love itself, of desire itself, of the pull itself, of the unity itself. This force, which is also exquisite love, can become the appreciation of our true nature, but it can also express itself as an attraction between people.

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