Excerpt About Love (Magnetic)

Desire for Unity with the Other

When our love becomes very refined, very pure, very subtle, when it is at its subtlest, purest, most delicate—which requires total vulnerability, with no defensiveness—we recognize it explicitly as a magnetic love. Not only do you feel “I love you,” but when you say, “I love you,” you cannot help but feel drawn as the words are spoken. You feel a magnetic force that can only be felt as a wanting or desire. And the desire is not for the other; it is for unity with the other. This is usually easier to feel in relation to our spiritual ground—with God or with true nature. When we become aware of that level of heart, we have found one of the deepest possible motivations for spiritual work, one of the most effective reasons to engage the inner journey. And because of that powerful force, we feel we can’t help it—we need to go there, we have to go there, we want to go there, we love to go there. We want to be as close to the truth as possible, so close that we don’t exist anymore . . . only the truth exists.

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