Excerpt About Love (Magnetic)

Attraction Toward the Divine

What most of us know of eros is an approximation of the essential spiritual condition of feeling true magnetism, the true attraction that many of us feel in relationship to the divine, in relationship to God, in relationship to truth, in relationship to the absolute, in relationship to our true nature. We feel drawn to it. We feel pulled toward it. We feel attracted to it. We can experience it as an interest, as a longing, as a desire, as a determination. But when we finally know it, we feel it as a force, a magnetic gravitational force, pulling our soul in a direction that we don’t know but can’t help moving toward. And when we feel that attraction in our heart, we feel it as a kind of love, as the subtlest kind of love. Love always wants to bring us closer to what we love, whether the object of love is God, truth, or reality, whether it is a car, an iPad, or a person.

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