Excerpt About Love (Magnetic)

The Pull Toward Connection

If the ultimate truth is such a unity, such singleness, which is actually a singularity, what will the impact be as we begin to be touched by it, as we begin to open to that truth, as we come closer to it? How will we feel its effect on us? Using the conventional language of time and space, we would say, “I am here and you are there.” But since neither of us feels any distance, it seems as though a magnet were pulling us toward each other. We feel that we are one, but we perceive two, and the result is that we both feel a force bringing us together. And the closer we are, the more powerfully we will feel it. Just like two magnets: When they are relatively far from each other, there is some attraction, but the closer they get, the more powerful the attraction becomes. What do the magnets want to do? They want to become so connected that they are one, for one is the truth. Twoness is ultimately appearance, not reality. More accurately, it is simply how reality appears, not what it fundamentally is.

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