Excerpt About Lifeline

To be where We are Means Following Our Lifeline

What this means is that our life creates a curve within the experiential universe. If you plot all the points of individual experience, you see that everybody has his or her own curve, or lifeline. This lifeline or personal thread is the continuity of our constantly changing experience, the continuity of where we are. To be where we are means following our lifeline. And when we’re practicing, when we are being where we are, when we are not interfering with our experience and just allowing it to happen, our “location” not only moves from one point to another in the experiential universe, but it unfolds and manifests new possibilities. Sometimes our lifeline manifests new dimensions—dimensions of presence, dimensions of awareness, dimensions of emptiness, dimensions of love—that were not present to us before. And even the feeling or thinking dimensions can unfold possibilities we haven’t seen yet.

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