Excerpt About Lifeline

The Movement toward Wholeness

Each person’s field of experience is individual; it has different components, different manifestations and influences, a different history. The optimizing intelligence will transform each person’s experiential situation in a different way. Another way of saying this is that each person’s current will be unique. All currents move toward the same reality—toward the wholeness—but this movement will meander through different terrain for different individuals. One person will be going through a valley while another is going over a mountain. Speaking in terms of the lifeline, we each begin from a different place, with different initial conditions, and this is another reason why each of us will have a unique lifeline. Within these differences, however, are similarities between lifelines, for the laws that govern our currents are the same. Nevertheless, the curve that is your particular lifeline will be different from the curve of someone else’s lifeline, even though we are all moving in the same direction—toward wholeness.

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