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Libidinal Object Relation
The libidinal object relation is the structure of this desire soul wanting a wonderful, yummy, and completely desirable object. The object appears here as beautiful and desirable in an animal instinctual way, full and luscious. Its prototype is the engorged, youthful, and turned-on breast, full of milk, thick juicy nectars, robust energy, and aliveness. It is a full and gleaming breast, desirable and inviting. It promises to give the soul the object she needs, the object that will satisfy her hunger and bring her erotic pleasure. The libidinal soul loves this object passionately and wants to gobble it up with gusto and total satisfaction. It is clear that the dominant genetic stage for this structure is the early oral stage, the characteristics of which pattern this early structure. What makes this structure become split off is not only its unabashedly animal and instinctual nature, but the frustration that results when the soul is unable to get the desired object. The affect coloring the libidinal object relation is the combination of total libidinal desire combined with the intolerable frustration of unrequited love and desire. The soul wants, but for various reasons cannot have, the object of her desire. It might be that the unconstrained animal nature of the desire makes the original object, the mother, unable or unwilling to receive such passionate desire; or that the good and desirable breast is not available when wanted; or that a sibling or husband has it, or whatever. The frustration in turn increases the desire, as happens with animal desires in general. The environment's disapproval of the animal nature of the wanting combined with the intolerable frustration lead to the soul splitting off this part of herself and the corresponding object relation.

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