Excerpt About Lead Pearl

Conditioning of the Personality Leads to Its Role and Its Work

Lead is the will that supports the conditioning of consciousness. But further, the lead pearl is the unconscious will, the support and determination that has always been supporting the ego-line, the ego sense of being a person. Nevertheless, the ego line contraction, even though it is the personality, is also a role. The role is the personal function or work, developed throughout one’s personal history, as the individual capacity to function in a particular way. In other words, one is born with a work to develop and do on earth. It is the personal consciousness—which, for most individuals, is the ego-structured personality—that develops it. The witnessing space cannot do it, because it does not do. This means that one has a particular personal role, which develops mostly through the personality developing along certain lines. The personality is conditioned to be a certain way, which in time will manifest the role and its work. An unchanging and inflexible will supports this conditioned personality. The will is inertia, lead itself.

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