Excerpt About Lataif

Table of Lataif Centers

These centers are sometimes called “organs of perception.”



Associated Color

State of

Activation Effects

Left side of body



The state of consciousness here is that of true joy and delight in which essence exists in the condition of unadulterated joy

Its activation and realization also are connected with the transformation of a certain sector of the personality, a process that is sometimes referred to as the yellow death

Right side of body

(spirit or soul)


Consciousness here is of true and real strength

It is like the fire of Essence and requires the transformation of the personality referred to as the red death, or the freedom from fear of people

Solar plexus


White or silver

Consciousness here is of true will, which is the support for essence and its life

Activation of this center is often seen as the initial step or transition from the world of personality to the dimension of Essence

Forehead between and just above the eyebrows


Shining black

The consciousness is a state of peace and absolute stillness

Connected to the black death, which is the state of annihilation of the sense of identity of the ego, which is the false self

Center of the chest

(more hidden)

Emerald green

The consciousness here is that of loving-kindness and compassion

This center is connected to the essential aspect that is referred to in the literature as the pearl beyond price, the personal being

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