Excerpt About Kundalini

The Energy Body
We are not referring here to physical energy, which is part of the physical world. Rather, we mean the vital energy necessary for living forms, referred to in Sanskrit as prana or shakti. This differentiation is important because we can think of the human organism as the confluence of a physical body, an energy body (referred to sometimes as the astral body), and the soul, which includes her essence. The energy body is the dimension of vital energy necessary for life; we can access it through the activation of the chakra system. This system of energetic centers uses the vital energy—prana or shakti—for its functioning, an energy that the organism partly acquires through the breath. It is this energy that yogic systems utilizing kundalini for their practices try to cultivate and direct. Kundalini is the name given to a reservoir of dormant energy, visualized as a serpent coiled in the first chakra at the perineum. By awakening the kundalini, the shakti is activated, which then rises up the spine activating and energizing the chakra centers. The chakra centers become doorways to deeper spiritual experiences and dimensions. In the Diamond Approach we activate this vital energy not through the familiar yogic practices of kundalini but through inquiry and understanding. Our perception is that shakti energy is a dimension that is patterned according to essential aspects, a dimension that has its particular psychodynamic and structural issues. In other words, it is a dimension of presence; but this presence is the presence of energy, like light but not exactly.

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